Seminar of Algebra

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Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Thu, 14 may 2015Ángel F. TenorioEstructuras combinatoriales asociadas con álgebras de Leibniz
Tue, 28 apr 2015Jean-Baptiste TeyssierSlopes and periods of connections
Mon, 27 apr 2015Manuel Mérida$\mathbb{F}_1$: el cuerpo que no existe
Thu, 26 mar 2015Antonio RojasGeometría y aritmética de curvas sobre cuerpos finitos
Thu, 19 mar 2015Trueman MacHenrySome applications of Isobaric Polynomials
Tue, 17 mar 2015Carlos VelaAlgoritmo LLL y su aplicación a la criptografía
Thu, 26 feb 2015Mohamed BarakatGeneralized morphisms, a way to turn homological algorithms into closed formulas.
Tue, 17 feb 2015Tatsuya KoikeOn a connection formula of WKB solutions of the “boosted” simple pole type operators of second order in exact WKB analysis
Fri, 13 feb 2015Mijail BorgesTrial set and Gröbner bases for binary codes
Thu, 12 feb 2015Tatsuya KoikeIntroduction to Borel summation method and some applications to differential equations

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