Seminar of Algebra

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Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Thu, 2 jun 2016Bert WiestAn analogue of the curve complex for Garside groups
Fri, 20 may 2016Philippe MaisonobeBernstein's Ideal, relative filtration and slopes
Thu, 19 may 2016Antonio J. Pérez y Francisco R. FernándezMatemáticas y Geometría de Relojes de Sol
Fri, 22 apr 2016Valentijn KaremakerLocal and adelic Hecke algebra isomorphisms
Tue, 5 apr 2016Patrick DehornoyMultifraction reduction in Artin-Tits groups
Mon, 28 mar 2016Boris ChornyTowards homotopy theory of model categories
Thu, 4 feb 2016Dale RolfsenHomeomorphism groups of cubes and other $n$-manifolds
Thu, 28 jan 2016Dale RolfsenBraids, $Aut(F_n)$, orderings and cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Fri, 22 jan 2016Jean-Philippe LabbéLimit roots of infinite Coxeter groups
Thu, 17 dec 2015Ana Ros CamachoMatrix factorizations and the Landau-Ginzburg/conformal field

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