Seminar of Algebra

What is it?

The Seminar of Algebra is a periodical event open to researchers from national and international universities, with the aim of sharing the latest developments in their research.

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Upcoming talks

Agustí Roig (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and BGSMath)
Mon, 25 feb 2019 11:30
Cristian Vay (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
Wed, 27 feb 2019 11:30

Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Tue, 19 feb 2019Gabor WieseDihedral Universal Deformations
Tue, 18 sep 2018Matsubara-Heo Saiei-JaeyeongIntegral representations of GKZ hypergeometric systems
Wed, 4 jul 2018Ian ColeyA brief history of Algebraic K-Theory
Tue, 29 may 2018Mark SpivakovskyKey polynomials in simple extensions of valued fields and simultaneous embedded local uniformization in characterisitc zero (following Julie Decaup).
Thu, 17 may 2018Christopher ChiuFormal power series in countably many variables
Wed, 21 mar 2018Helena CoboCombinatoria y resolución de superficies
Wed, 7 mar 2018Antonio RojasFunciones casi perfectamente no-lineales, monodromía y teoría de números
Thu, 1 mar 2018Luis ParisSubgrups parabólicos de grupos de Coxteres, Artin y Garside
Tue, 27 feb 2018Luis ParisSubgrups parabólicos de grupos de Coxteres, Artin y Garside
Wed, 21 feb 2018María RoncoDendriform structures

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