Seminar of Algebra

What is it?

The Seminar of Algebra is a periodical event open to researchers from national and international universities, with the aim of sharing the latest developments in their research.

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Upcoming talks

Laura Colmenarejo (NCSU)
Mon, 19 apr 2021 16:00

Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Fri, 20 nov 2020Mercedes Helena RosasSobre la restricción de representaciones del grupo lineal general
Tue, 24 mar 2020Joan-Carles LarioCancelado: Collection of DS-curves (small genus)
Wed, 18 mar 2020Daniel BathCancelado: Bernstein-Sato Varieties and the Topological Multivariable Strong Monodromy Conjecture
Mon, 16 mar 2020Carolina BenedettiCANCELADO: A combinatorial model for computing volumes of flow polytope
Mon, 3 feb 2020Victor Rotger CerdaVenkatesh's conjecture for modular forms of weight one
Wed, 11 dec 2019Ozgur BayindirDGAs with polynomial homology
Wed, 16 oct 2019Takuro AbeRecent developments on free arrangements and combinatorics
Mon, 14 oct 2019Stefan TrandafirEffective asymptotic enumeration of vector partitions with restricted parts
Wed, 18 sep 2019Saiei MatsubaraBoundary value problem and the connection problem of GKZ systems
Tue, 17 sep 2019Christopher ChiuEmbedding codimension in the space of arcs

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