Seminar of Algebra

What is it?

The Seminar of Algebra is a periodical event open to researchers from national and international universities, with the aim of sharing the latest developments in their research.

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Upcoming talks

Stefan Trandafir (Simon Fraser University)
Mon, 14 oct 2019 11:00
Takuro Abe (Institute of Mathematics for Industry (IMI) at Kyushu University)
Wed, 16 oct 2019 11:00

Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Wed, 18 sep 2019Saiei MatsubaraBoundary value problem and the connection problem of GKZ systems
Tue, 17 sep 2019Christopher ChiuEmbedding codimension in the space of arcs
Mon, 22 jul 2019Laura ColmenarejoImpromptu Talk
Thu, 13 jun 2019Martin AvendanoAnalysis of the DME post-quantum cryptosystem
Fri, 7 jun 2019Mark Spivakovsky$\mu$-constant families of isolated hypersurface singularities and simultaneous embedded desingularization
Tue, 30 apr 2019Cristian VayHopfological algebra
Mon, 29 apr 2019María de la Paz TiradoDerivaciones integrables en el sentido de Hasse-Schmidt y cambio de base
Thu, 25 apr 2019Yairon Cid RuizRational maps and syzygies
Tue, 23 apr 2019Vincent JugéRandom braids: Stabilizing the Garside normal form
Thu, 11 apr 2019Leovigildo AlonsoDualidad de Grothendieck: regreso al futuro

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