Seminar of Algebra

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Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Tue, 12 dec 2017Samuele AnniThe inverse Galois problem, Jacobians and the Goldbach's conjecture
Mon, 20 nov 2017Samuel A. LopesDeformations of rings of differential operators in one variable and their combinatorics
Mon, 13 nov 2017Víctor Carmona SánchezHacia la dualidad de Poincaré-Verdier
Fri, 27 oct 2017Joaquín Ossorio CastilloResolución del problema de Frobenius con un computador cuántico adiabático
Tue, 12 sep 2017Jiro SekiguchiThe Discriminant of Valentiner Reflection Group and  Deformations of a Plane Curve
Mon, 10 jul 2017Ian ColeyDerivators as an enhancement of triangulated categories
Thu, 6 jul 2017Laura ColmenarejoLa regla de Murnaghan-Nakayama para polinomios de Schubert
Thu, 1 jun 2017Mark SpivakovskyTeissier's conjecture on extending a valuation centered in a local domain to its formal completion
Thu, 18 may 2017Elena Camacho AguilarCatastrophes in Cell Differentiation
Thu, 20 apr 2017Prof. Tomás Sánchez-GiraldaGeometría de esquemas y explosiones: una aproximación

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