Seminar of Algebra

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Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Fri, 30 jun 2023Pedro González ManchónGrupos cuánticos y ecuaciones de Yang-Baxter
Mon, 26 jun 2023Marco MarengonEvery knot with unknotting number $< 22$ bounds a smooth disc in a punctured $K_3$ surface
Wed, 31 may 2023Mark SpivakovskiUna introducción a la conjetura de Casas-Alvero
Thu, 25 may 2023Ulises Pastor DíazMatroides por despiste
Fri, 19 may 2023Sergio García RodrigoUna introducción al espectro de Khovanov
Thu, 11 may 2023Saiei-Jaeyeong Matsubara-HeoTwisted Cohomology and Likelihood Ideals
Thu, 13 apr 2023Dan BathHyperplane arrangements satisfy (un)twisted logarithmic comparison theorems
Thu, 30 mar 2023Joan-Carles LarioOn Faltings elliptic curves in twisted isogeny classes over $\mathbf{Q}$
Thu, 23 mar 2023Lev BirbrairGeometry of Real Surface Singularities
Thu, 16 mar 2023Patricio Almirón CuadrosThe intrinsic topological nature of the Poincaré series of a plane curve singularity

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