Seminar of Algebra

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Past talks (Since Jan 2014)

Tue, 12 sep 2017Jiro SekiguchiThe Discriminant of Valentiner Reflection Group and  Deformations of a Plane Curve
Mon, 10 jul 2017Ian ColeyDerivators as an enhancement of triangulated categories
Thu, 6 jul 2017Laura ColmenarejoLa regla de Murnaghan-Nakayama para polinomios de Schubert
Thu, 1 jun 2017Mark SpivakovskyTeissier's conjecture on extending a valuation centered in a local domain to its formal completion
Thu, 18 may 2017Elena Camacho AguilarCatastrophes in Cell Differentiation
Thu, 20 apr 2017Prof. Tomás Sánchez-GiraldaGeometría de esquemas y explosiones: una aproximación
Thu, 6 apr 2017Guillaume RondA non-archimedean Nesterenko's Theorem
Wed, 15 feb 2017Norio IwaseCo-category and co-$A_{\infty}$ structure
Tue, 14 feb 2017Michel GrangerFree singularity in codimension $>1$, and related question in projective geometry
Fri, 10 feb 2017David MondVanishing homology of codimension 1 singularities of mappings from $n$-space to $(n+1)$-space

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