Seminar of Algebra

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Flipping your classroom in an upside down world

Lola Thompson (Utrecht University)
Departamento de Álgebra
Thu, 23 jun 2022 10:30
I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics. My research is in analytic number theory. I am also passionate about promoting student-centered learning.

For many of us, the world was turned upside down by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. We had to figure out how to teach our classes online, on short notice, often without any prior experience with online teaching. Now that some of the dust has settled, we can look critically at the pedagogical innovations that we were forced to adopt and think about which ones are worth keeping. In particular, the lecture notes and videos that you already developed for online courses could serve as a starting point for creating a “flipped” version of one of the courses that you regularly teach. A ``flipped classroom’’ is a pedagogical model in which the traditional lecture and homework elements are reversed. In this talk, we will discuss some advantages and challenges of using a flipped classroom approach, and give plenty of practical advice for those who are interested in trying it for themselves.